Auth-valimo endpoint allows to get NodeConductor authentication token using mobile PKI from Valimo. Please note that only authentication is supported - no auto-registration is currently available.

  • To initiate a login process, please issue POST request against /api/auth-valimo/ endpoint providing phone number as an input.
  • On that request NodeConductor will create a result object (AuthResult) and request authentication from the Valimo PKI service. The result object contains all the metadata about the request, including field “message” - text that is sent to the user via SMS. This text is typically shown to the user for validation purposes.
  • The client is expected to poll for the authetnication process by issuing POST requests against /api/auth-valimo/result/ with UUID in the payload of a request. Please see details in the API documentation.
  • After a successful login, endpoint /api/auth-valimo/result/ will contain authentication token.